Simcha Hall Policies

Hall Rental Policy

Members are encouraged to book up in advance.
Non-members can hold a reservation in advance, but it can only be confirmed 10 weeks prior to the event.

All parties reserving will be responsible for damages.

Failure to comply with any cleanup rules will incur a $175 cleanup fee
Chairs and tables must be returned back to their storage closets.
The floor must be broom swept.
All garbage must be thrown out into the dumpster, including leftover food and all items in the kitchen, hall, hallways, and refrigerators .
Cleanup must be done within 2 hours after the event (including Shabbos events)
Any items leftover will be disposed of by the Shul.
The renter is responsible to make sure the caterer/party planner is aware of these guidelines.
All outside doors should be closed and not propped open.

Music cannot be played after 10pm
No smoke machines, disco lights, or anything that may offend the sanctity of the Shul will be permitted.

Tables and Chairs
The shul provides 200 chairs
The shul provides 16 square 5’ tables, and 12 6’x 30” tables

Any event that is open to the public, including Brissim and Kiddaishim, must have a Mechitzah that limits visibility between the men and women’s sections.
A serving buffet does not qualify as a Mechitza, and therefore there must be separate serving buffet’s between the sections.
The shul provides green hedges.

The Shul has 45 spots in the parking lot.
There is no parking on Wilder Road. Any additional parking needed can be done on Carter Road.
For all weekday events Chaverim will need to be present to ensure that parking is done legally and safely. You will need to coordinate with Chaverim – (845) 371-633.

Food Delivery
The caterer must make sure to use only the proper door (left side of the building) to access the kitchen/hall
The caterer may not deliver more than 4 hours prior to the event, with the exception of Shabbos events which may be delivered from 10am Friday morning.

Kashrus Policy

• All food must come from an approved caterer/establishment with an acceptable Hashgacha. This includes salads, desserts, dips etc.
• The Rav has the final say in approving a caterer or Hashgacha
• Fleishig events (including Shabbos) must have a Mashgiach present during food preparation and serving time.
• Homemade food without a Hashgacha is not allowed, including gifted, purchased, or party planner sourced items.
• Rented utensils (dishes, flatware, cooking equipment, novelty machines (popcorn etc) can only be sourced from a vendor with a Hashgacha.
• All food items must arrive sealed. Open box items or items with an unrecognizable Hashgacha or no Hashgacha will not be allowed to be served to the public.
• The Rav or Kashrus designee may come into the kitchen at any time to review ingredients or procedures.
• A sign will be posted with the name and Hasghacha of the caterer and party planner.
• You must forward this list to your caterer and party planner so that all parties are aware of these guidelines.

Payment Policy

• A 50% non refundable deposit will be charged to your credit card today.

(If a non-members reservation is canceled by the shul more then 10 weeks prior to the reservation, then that will be refunded)

• The payment balance will be charged to your card 7 days prior to the event.

• The $175 cleaning fee will be automatically charged to your card in the event that the cleaning rules were not followed.

• The costs of any damages will be charged to your card.